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Maximize Angel Investments Orlando, Inc. (the Company) is committed to providing members with maximum benefit and to accomplish this we need to know what our member's interests are.  One of the few ways we have to better understand these interests is to conduct membership surveys and carefully review the results for trends, such as:

  1. Investment interests;

  2. Expertise among membership; and

  3. Membership skills which may be valuable to the group as well as portfolio companies.

Individual data will be treated confidentially and will not be shared internally or externally; only selected the Company executive management will be privy to individual responses.  The survey results may be used in aggregate to present the Company as an entity to venture capitalists, businesses, and the media for the purpose of securing high-quality deal flow, membership, and public relations.




        1.     What is your membership status?                    New            Renewing

        2.     Have you ever been an angel investor?            No              Yes

If yes, how long?   _____ year(s)

 If yes, how many angel investments have you made?_____ (number)

        3.     In what industry(s) do you have professional experience?  (circle all that apply)

 Health care                         Telecommunications              Media       
 Manufacturing                     Environment                         Biotechnology       
 Business/Financial               Energy                                  E-Commerce         
 Industrial                             Software                              Consumer Products
 Agriculture                          Hardware                             Semiconductor
 Other: ________________________________________________

        4.     What business skills/expertise do you have?  (circle all that apply)

 Senior management              Board member                    Operations
 Marketing                            Sales                                   Research and development
 Financial services                 Strategic planning                 Business plan development
 Employee benefits                Insurance                             Legal         
 Public relations                     Infrastructure                       Accounting

        5.     Have you ever been a company founder or officer?  (circle all that apply)

 Founder                               CEO                                    President   
 VP - R&D                           CFO                                    CIO           
 COO                                   VP - Sales and Marketing

        6.     As an angel investor, what is the typical stage a company is in at the time of your first

       investment?  (give percent for each, totaling 100%)

Start-up/seed _____%             Early stage _____%                Expansion _____%
Later stage _____%                Mezzanine to IPO _____%      Public _____%

        7.     As an angel investor, what is the typical relationship you have with portfolio

        companies?  (circle all that apply)

 Board member                    Adviser/mentor                   Officer      
 Employee                            Consultant                           Passive     
 Other: ______________________________________________

        8.     As an angel investor, what has been your typical investment range? 
(provide percent for each, totaling 100%)

Under $5,000                         _____%         $5,000 to $10,000                    _____%
$10,000 to $25,000                _____%         $25,000 to $50,000                  _____%
$50,000 to $100,000              _____%         $100,000 to $500,000              _____%
$500,000 to $1 Million            _____%         More than $1 Million                 _____%

        9.     If a renewing Company member, did you invest in any Company presenting


       No                                               Yes

If yes, which company(s)?                                                                                             

If no, why not?                                                                                                              

        10.  What is your preferred form of investment?  (rank with 1 highest)

Equity    _____    Debt     _____     Combination    _____   Case by case  _____  


        11.  What is your general expectation on length of time until return on investment?

 Less than 1 year      1 to 3 years          3 to 5 years      More than 5 years

        12.  In what industries have you invested?  (circle all that apply)

 Healthcare                          Telecommunications              Media                            
 Manufacturing                     Entertainment                       Life Sciences                 
 Business/Financial               Energy                                 E-Commerce                  
 Industrial                             Software                             Consumer Products        
 Retail                                  Hardware                            Semiconductor
 Clean Tech                          Other: _______________________________

        13.  What has been your historical angel investment rate of return?

 Negative                                0%  to 10%                          10%  to 30%                   
 30% to 50%                        50% to 100%                        100% to 200%               
 More than 200%

        14.  Of the eight tracks the Company has established as target industries for investment,

       please rank the three you have the most interest in which to invest. (1 being your preferred


Software                                                         Life Sciences                                                                                       
Clean Tech                                                      Information Technology                                                                        
Entertainment                                                  Mobile Wireless                                                                                  
Internet                                                           Retail                                                        

Is there a target industry you would like added.                                                             

Is there a target industry you wish removed?                     ___                                       

        15.  What do you enjoy about being part of the Company or any angel group? 
(rank all that apply, with 1 highest)

Deal flow                      _____   Education                   _____   Camaraderie/social  _____
Joint due diligence         _____   Meeting companies      _____   Shared expertise    _____
Administrative support   _____   Professional support    _____   Guest speakers      _____

        16.  How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Company? _____ 1-5 (1 highest)

        17.  How might we improve the Company and your membership experience?

Name:      ___________________________________________________________

Street Address:                                                                                                                

City                                                         State                            Zip                                

Primary Phone                                           Cell Phone                                                      


Thank you for completing this survey, this will help us serve you better.

Contact Information:

Office: (407) 674-1925

Email: membership@MaxAngelInvestments.com

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