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Maximize Angel Investments Orlando, Inc. (the Company) is a highly selective membership association (the Angel Network) which is a membership dues supported association consisting of individual angel investors (Angels).


The Membership Committee (Committee) will be composed of three individual members.  Two of the Committee members will be elected annually by and from the roster of Angel Members in the network.  Each member in good standing on the date of the election will have two votes to cast.  Elections are to be held every October for a one year term ending on the date of the next Membership Committee election.  The third member of the committee will be appointed by company management and will be a member of the company's management team.


The purpose of the Membership Committee is twofold.  The first purpose of the Committee is to be responsible for reviewing the application materials of new member applicants for admittance suitability.  Those new member applicants who meet all the criteria for becoming new members of the network will be accepted and notified by the committee for membership.  The committee will meet once a month to consider new applications.


The second purpose of the Committee is to ensure all Angel Members conform to the standards and regulations established by the company's founding documents, which may be subsequently amended by a majority vote of the membership.  While the Code of Ethics and Conduct contain a list of standards and regulations to which all Angel Members are bound, in addition to these, the Committee will also be responsible for monitoring all participants at all functions for improper behavior.


In the event that an Angel Member's conduct is referred to the Committee for review, the committee will establish and follow procedures to consider the referral.  Should the referred member be found to be in violation of the Company's Code of Ethics and Conduct, a unanimous vote of the Committee will be required to revoke membership of the referred Angel Member.


Decisions of the Committee regarding the revocation of a membership are final; however, the sanctioned member will have an opportunity to make a case for him or herself in writing within 30 days of notification in support of their defense.  The Committee will consider such submission in good faith and within 60 days come to a final decision.  A second unanimous vote for revocation will be final with no further recourse allowed. 

Contact Information:

Office: (407) 674-1925

Email: info@MaxAngelInvestments.com

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